A hard Friday ride

BKmVcg0CUAAKf3yWalking up to you, I want to kiss you, but your gaze is cold fire. I know what that means. You want it rough, you want me to submit, to let you take complete control. You grab my hair and seal my mouth with a hard deep kiss, bruising my lips. Raw desire courses through my veins.

Fisting my hair, holding me still, your free hand slides over my body, rough and demanding. You force your way into my bra and yank it down. Then your fingers are on my nipple, tugging, rolling, making me moan while I rake my nails over your shoulders, scratching through the fabric of your shirt. I try to fumble open your shirt buttons, then rip it open, sending buttons flying to the floor.

You pull my head back and make me hold your hard gaze as you sharply twist my nipple. It makes me gasp. The pain jolts straight down to my pussy, sparking my lust. I can feel my own arousal soak my panties. Fuck how are you doing this so easily? One look, one word, and I’m lost.

You keep my hair in your fist and tell me to get rid of everything I’m wearing except the heels. Flinching, I shed my clothes and stand in front of you. You groan and slide your hand across my body again, then pull me close as you pump two fingers inside me, hard and fast. I bite my lip to stifle a loud moan. I can feel your erection, straining against my hip. So hard and hot. You start finger fucking me, sliding them in deep then withdrawing, teasing my clit. You drive me crazy with desire.

I grasp your cock, stroking you through the fabric of your pants. Smirking, you force three fingers inside me, sliding in and out, then all four fingers are inside me, making me groan loudly, while your thumb strokes my swollen clit. My legs start trembling and you yank my hair harder, keeping me upright that way. I’m so close to coming that I can taste it, but you withdraw your fingers and hold them up in front of my face. You tell me to clean them off for you and I grasp your wrist as I would your cock, and start cleaning my own arousal off your hand, licking and sucking your fingers, looking up into your eyes as I taste myself. You close your eyes, enjoying my warm soft tongue as it caresses your fingers.

When you open those eyes again and look at me I know that you’re not going to hold back now, and that I’m in for a hard ride. My pussy clenches with anticipation.

You order me to turn around and pull your belt from your pants. Pushing me down onto the carpet on my hands and knees, you press my face to the ground with your hand on my upper back, kneeling in behind me. You order me to put my hands on my back and when I’m too slow for your liking, you slap my ass hard with your belt, making me cry out with surprise and with the sharp painful bite of the leather on my skin. You grab my wrists and bind them tightly with it.

Then I can hear the sound of your zipper and feel your hot silky cock head on my pussy. You coat yourself in my juices, then grab my hips and thrust hard, sliding your cock deeply inside me. I gasp loudly and try to adjust to your length and your powerful lunges. This is what I needed and craved. I need to be fucked hard, possessed, owned. You pound my pussy relentlessly, grunting loudly as you pull my hips back into you, sliding it in so damn deep. Your balls rhythmically slap on my clit and the sounds of raw hard fucking fill the room.

My knees are sore and my face is pressed onto the carpet, taking the friction of our bodies’ movement. It doesn’t matter. The marks your belt leaves on my wrists. They don’t matter. And neither does the dull pain when your long thick cock hits my end hard. Again and again. I need this, and so do you.

You grab the leather that binds my wrists and pull me back into your punishing thrusts. I’m gasping for air, panting, and I can feel that I’m getting close, with your balls slapping onto my sensitive flesh. The pressure is building inside me and my pussy tightens down on you, making you growl. You fist my hair again and roughly pull me back and up. I cry out but you grab my throat from in behind with one hand and hold me still that way, squeezing. I’m fighting for air, filled by your cock, as your other hand reaches between my legs and starts rubbing my clit in small fast circles. My whole body arches and my lust explodes in a violent orgasm.

I’m trembling in your hold, unable to scream and moan out my release because of the choking hold you’ve got me in, making me feel dizzy as my body convulses. My pussy clenches your cock hard, sucking you in deeper. You groan loudly, grab my hip and speed up, powering into me with fast hard upward thrusts. I close my eyes, still trembling through the last warm waves of my climax when you curse and bite down on my shoulder, making me whimper. Your cock twitches inside me and you come long and hard, your arms wrapped around me tightly as your body shudders in behind me.

By the time you’ve stopped coming, I’m lax in your arms, exhausted and sore, but feeling whole and sated. Your grip loosens, you free my wrists and, wetly sliding out of me, pull me into your embrace to cradle me as we kiss and calm down together…《R》


Hello and welcome on my blog…

Well, you’ve found me here…good.

I was getting sick of thinking up, writing, altering and after days of work on them, posting my Twitter stories, just to immediately lose them on TL. Vanishing in Twitter Nirvana….

So, from now on, you’ll be able to find my erotic tales here after I’ve posted them on TL…                       They’ll all have a little title and a date. I’ll also try to retrieve a few of the old ones.

So, see you here soon I hope….Xx R.