A very sinful Sunday

I’m waiting for you to return home. Dressed up just as you wanted me. Sexy black lingerie and heels, and a silk gown for comfort. You told me to set up the couch table with two wine glasses, a bottle of our favourite red , a couple of towels and a bottle of baby oil. I am all giddy with anticipation by the time you come home. Asking myself what you’ve got planned for us for tonight…

Then I hear the front door open and you walk in. Accompanied by another man. Tall, brown hair, green eyes, rather handsome. I must have a totally shocked expression on my face because you smirk and come over to the couch to sit with me, offering a seat to the stranger, too. Speechless and trying to process that you’ve really just brought another guy home with you, I make an effort to get up and get another wine glass but you and him urge me back onto the couch and quickly take a seat left and right handside of me, both your hands immediately sliding over my body. You turn my face towards yours and take my mouth in a deep kiss, silencing any objection I could have. I can feel the other guy opening my robe and sliding it off my shoulders.

He moves into me and starts kissing my neck and collarbone, his hands gliding over my belly up to my breasts. His mouth is slanting over my skin as he unfastens and slides off my bra. His lips tickle on my skin. When he bends down to lick my nipples, taking one into his mouth and sucking hard, I’m moaning and my back arches. My hands start moving automatically, and I spread my arms to reach both of you, touching, finding my way up your thighs to the hardening cocks in your pants. I stroke them both through the fabric. Your hand grips my throat as you kiss me, holding me in place while your friend caresses my other breast. I squirm when his hand finds my panties and his fingers slide into them, stroking my pussy and sliding in between my folds. You smirk against my lips and whisper into my ear ” I know you’ve wanted this for a long time baby. Tonight you’ll have us both.”

You and him get up and swiftly strip, bending down to me and pulling my panties off me. Then you both settle on the couch again and I turn to you and start kissing my way down your jaw and throat and across your strong chest. I shift and kneel on the couch to reach you better and I can feel his hand on my hip as he also moves to get in behind me. Kissing and licking my way further down your abs, my lips are soon meeting the tip of your rock hard cock which is laying across your lower abs. I can hear your moans when I start licking along your shaft, from root to tip, slowly and teasingly. I look up into your eyes and see that you’re watching me as I grip your cock and circle your tip with my tongue.

I’m about to take you into my mouth when I feel his hand in between my legs from behind, his fingers quickly sliding through my cleft then pumping hard into my pussy. My back arches and a loud gasp escapes me, but you grab my hair and pull me back onto your cock, making me take you deep. I start moving up and down, sucking you rhythmically and hard, taking you all the way to the back of my throat and out again to circle and tease your tip. I can hear your groans of pleasure and I take a moment to fondle and lick your balls before sucking you again. Your hand is playing with my nipple and your hips impatiently move into my caress. He is still finger fucking me, opening me up, teasing me so good, making my moans reverberate on your cock. I reach out to him and he shifts, pushing his cock into my hand. Grasping him, I stroke him firmly, my thumb brushing over his tip, spreading his precum, making him moan, too.

I can feel him spreading my juices to my ass, lubricating me there. My back arches again when he pushes one finger into my ass and pulls it back again to spread more of my wetness there. My groans as he pushes two fingers back in, are muffled by your cock. He takes the bottle of baby oil and spreads some on my ass in preparation for his manhood. I look up at you and see that you’re watching my face. Your rock hard cock oozes some precum and I lick and suck it away eagerly. As I’m busying myself with pleasuring you, he shifts again, kneeling in behind me and forcing my legs further apart with his knees. He slides his cock head through my trembling cleft, coating himself with the oil and my juices.

You cup my head, fisting my hair to hold me still, turning my face towards you so you can watch my expression as he grabs my hip with one hand and his cock with the other, nudging against my hole. Then he slowly but steadily pushes his way in, the pressure increasing past that sting of discomfort, slowly forcing me wider and wider to encompass his girth.A pleasured moan escapes him as he pushes into me all the way. You are watching my expression and listen to my whimpers and squeals, your eyes dark, your lips parted, showing your arousal. You then lean down to kiss me softly and whisper “good girl” before you force my mouth onto your cock once more.  He grabs my hips with both hands and starts fucking my ass, slowly at first, then faster and harder. His hand slides around me to my pussy and he rubs my clit with rapid movements while you start rocking your hips, fucking my mouth as your head falls back onto the backrest of our couch.

I can feel that I can’t take much more of this. My pussy is clenching emptily, my own wetness is dripping down my inner thighs and there is that delicious pressure in my ass, rubbing much different bundles of nerves. When you start rolling, pinching, twisting my nipples on top of it all while he still massages my clit, it is too much of an assault and I cum hard, shaking and trembling, my cries muffled by your cock. You look down at me, breathing hard, and ask me “where do you want me to cum baby?” and I hear myself moan “Inside me. Please, I need you to fuck me. I want you both” and I can see the grin on your face. You tell him to stop for a second, and urge me to straddle you. I hover above you as you coat yourself in my juices and then you grab my hips and pull me down onto your cock.

God you feel so good, finally inside me. When I’ve taken all of you, moaning because of the feeling of being completely filled by you, you pull me forward onto your chest. He gets in behind me again and spreads a little more oil onto my ass. You grab my hip with one hand and my hair with the other, holding me still again. And as he pushes inside me again, making me cry out and gasp for air, you whisper into my ear “You really are my little slut, aren’t you baby? And you´ll be fucked like one now”. Your words alone cause a violent surge of arousal within me. I’m laying on your chest, stretched to my limits by two cocks and still try to adjust myself to your demands when you claim my mouth once more, kissing me hard. Then he pulls my arms back and starts sliding in and out of my ass while you pump into my cunt from beneath me, your rhythms matching.

I can feel it all, the way your cocks rub me inside, the friction, you two just separated by thin tissue. You both moan and grunt loudly, not holding back, and I can feel that I’m going to cum again. He is pulling me back into his working cock by my arms, fucking me hard, while you thrust deep, massaging my breasts with both hands. When you reach down to my pussy with one hand and stimulate my swollen flesh, I can’t control the build up inside me any more and cum with a scream, my body convulsing. You growl as my pussy tightens down on you, milking you, and your jaw tenses with the strain, your body going rigid as you cum deep inside me, spurting again and again, filling me with your hot seed.

He groans “Fuck” in behind me as my orgasm makes me tighten around him as well. He fucks me faster and harder and finally cums in my ass, biting down on my shoulder as he shudders through his climax. We are all soaked in sweat, and I’m a filthy sticky mess in between you. I’ve collapsed on top of you and he is catching his breath laying on my back. Finally he pulls out, making me whimper once more, and slumps onto the couch besides us. You hold me for a little longer, kissing me softly as I catch my breath and thank you for this incredibly sinful Sunday.

Dedicated to my two sexyasfuck fave TL gents @lookintohavefun  and @Rakan__UIMG_20140814_120119



Fire and Ice

Naked, bound and blindfolded on my back. The soft bedding touching my skin. What will be happening this time? I can hear you drawing near. Your body moving through the room, I can smell your scent. You´re here but you don´t touch me. I can hear my own heart, pounding loudly. You don´t speak a word. Suspense, so hard to bear. I can feel my arousal, surging through my veins.

You make me gasp as the cool leather of your crop touches my face. You slowly, softly, run it over my lips and chin, down my throat and over my breasts. Listening intently, I’m trying to determine where you are and what you’ll do next. No touch. Then…

Ah God. Ice. My body quivers when you run two ice cubes over my breasts, lightly circling my nipples. So cold. It makes me whimper and grit my teeth. My nipples harden instantly, the slightly painful but still pleasant touch of coldness sending a sharp dart of lust to my sex. No sound from you.

Images in front of my closed eyes. Images of you, licking your lips. Images of you, heavily aroused, your cock shiny at the tip, so close to nudging my body as you bend down to apply the ice. Another hot wave of pure raw need to be taken by you, surges through my veins.

I’m achingly aware of your presence, and of the ice touching my skin, only in the places chosen by you, cooling off my heated mind. Small rivulets of cold molten water run from my breasts down my sides. Then, the ice is gone. Anticipation…I´m literally panting with it, still trying to figure out your game.

Heat. I´m pulling on my restraints as my back arches off the bed. More heat. I´m groaning loudly as you take away the numbness from my nipples, replacing the freezing cold with singeing heat. The feeling is indescribable. Painful at first, as fire bites itself through ice, then after a second or two just so very good. Hissing as you pour more hot wax onto my cool skin, sending more arrows of need and arousal to my core. I whimper as more heat trickles down over my breasts and belly.

The touch of your crop takes me by surprise, making me jump and cry out. My nails are digging into my own palms and my mind is exclusively focused on my pained pleasure and the crop, dragging up my inner thigh oh so slowly. You pull it up in between my legs and touch my soaked sex for the first time, stroking my clenching flesh. I try to pull away, try to close my legs to be able to bear the sensations but I cannot. I´m bound to be open for you, your toy for our mutual pleasure. Hips bucking into your caress, I´m moaning loudly when you stroke my throbbing nub with the smooth leather. Again and again, making me writhe and groan, driving me insane, pushing me closer and closer to the edge.

I can hear your breathing. It has altered, is faster and rugged now. I can tell that you find it hard to keep from touching me. Oh God…slowly, the crop´s caress is turning into short, perfectly aimed slaps, directly on the swollen centre of my lust. Rhythmic, steady, harder and harder. No. Please. I cannot take any more of this. My whole body convulses as you push me over the edge. A devastating tidal wave of lust rolls through me as I scream out my release, my sex clenching down on itself. With the echos of the short, perfect slaps on my throbbing clit, I hardly notice the absence of he crop. I shiver and pull on my restraints again as the orgasm radiates outwards to my fingers and toes.

I cry out when you finally come to me, blanketing my body with yours, groaning into my ear as you quickly push into me, stretching me, giving me what I craved by driving your long thick cock deep. My spasming core grabs you and pulls you deeper as you lunge, over and over again, your hot breath on my neck, your tormented groans vibrating through my senses as you find your own release, spurting hotly into the depths of my body. Filling me in more ways than one. Leaving me trembling and raw. Open. For. You. #Yours