No words…

Just allow me to say a few things, once and for all.

I´ve been repeatedly attacked by a Twitter dimwit who accuses me of stealing my stories, the wording, excerpts, the whole thing, whatever, from other people. He has failed to show me any proof. A Twitter profile, a blog on tumblr or wordpress. SOMETHING that shows that I´m stealing. The reason why he cannot do this, is because there ARE no stolen stories or parts thereof here on my blog.

Every story I have posted or will still post here, is MINE. MY OWN. I am not a native speaker and it takes me days to put the images and ideas in my dirty little mind to paper.

Some stories are my freshly edited old Twitter SL that I have written over the months, for special people there, or just as subtwts. Some have never made it to daylight yet but stayed on my PC as drafts, and some are totally new.

No matter what, they are ALL MINE. I despise this lowlife, who actually, or ironically if you will, is the one who DOES steal everything from subtwt ideas to poems to whole tumblr stories without giving credit, again and again.

I do trust that either Karma or I will have his ass one day for all the shit he causes me.

Now please enjoy my stories, there are more to cum…soon. Xx


Come make my day…;)


It´s a weekend morning and everything is peaceful. We are in our warm and comfy bed together, and last night I fell asleep wearing an old T-shirt of yours, cuddled into your arms. I felt the bed move a little while ago, but I did not read anything into it, stretching and dosing off again.

I wake back up from my slumber when I feel my left arm being lifted and hear the sound of the metal handcuffs as they snap shut around my wrist. You´ve managed to cuff my right wrist without even waking me. And here I am, on my back, tied to the headboard of our bed, trying to process what is happening here and to get my sleepy brain in gear.

You give me no time to think as you straddle my chest with a wicked grin and brush the tip of your swiftly hardening cock over my lips. “Open” you whisper and I open my mouth and start sucking on your tip, my tongue caressing your hole. You groan and bring your hips forward, pushing yourself further into my mouth. I look up into your eyes and wait for you to pull back. When you do, I hollow my cheeks and suck hard. You close your eyes and moan loudly, a sound that makes my pussy clench with need. I mouth your tip, stroking you with my tongue and teasing you. You look down at me and horsely say “I love how greedy you are baby..” and push your hips into my face, your cock vanishing much further in my mouth. You grab my hair and hold me still in the desired angle, fucking my mouth as deep as our position allows. I want to touch you, grab your hips, caress your balls with my hands but I cannot. I´m pulling on the cuffs but all I achieve is for them to cut into my wrists.

When you pull out, I´m breathless and so in need to be fucked by you that I have to press my legs together to ease the ache. You smile, and lean down to kiss my lips. I´m just about ready to beg you to fuck me when you climb off my chest and slide down my body, settling in beween my legs, my thighs on your shoulders. Your thumbs spread me open and a split second later, your tongue licks my cleft, directly stroking my clit. It makes me gasp as my back arches off the mattress. I can see your head lowering again and I start moaning loudly when you tease me, your wicked tongue darting into me, fucking with shallow plunges. When you start concentrating on my clit, circling and sucking, I lose it and cum with a groan of your name, my thighs quivering and my body convulsing.

You let my legs slide off your shoulders, lick your lips and pull me so far down the bed that my arms are fully stretched. You smile a slow sexy smile and part my thighs with your hands, telling me to lift my ass off the bed. When I breathlessly comply, you shove a thick pillow underneath my ass. Then you settle on top of me, your hips forcing my legs further apart, your arms caging me in and squeezing my sides. You kiss me deeply, your tongue fucking my mouth. When your head lifts again, your gaze stays on my face.

You look into my eyes as you coat your cock head in my arousal and ram yourself into me in one fluent move. You clearly enjoy my loud gasp and my desperate attempts to move and shift my hips, squirm, pull back, do something to ease the intense stretching and the discomfort of having you roughly hit my end. You don´t move. All you do is just hold yourself too damn deep, your weight pressing me down. I start whimpering, lifting my head which is met by your hands grabbing my long hair and pulling it tight, totally restraining me. Your eyes are still fixed on mine and you move your hips a little further into me, prodding. I gasp again, my pussy tightening down on you.

You lick across my lips and whisper “Shhh baby. I´m going to give you what you need” and all I can manage, is a hoarse ” Please..” Then, you pull back out to the tip and thrust hard and deep, giving me all of you. You lunge again and again, picking up the pace, owning me. Your ferocity, your grunts and the sound of your balls slapping on my ass make me so hot for it that I´m back on the edge in no time. Moaning with every thrust, helplessly taking your pleasure to make it my own. Your relentless pounding pushes me up the bed a little,  to the edge of the pillow underneath my ass, changing the angle in which your cock strokes my walls.

I´m panting, desperate to move, squirm, come, to ease the pressure somehow, but you hold me still with your hands, your weight and the cuffs, and only when you feel my sex quiver and clench around you, you order me to cum and that thought finally tips me over. I cum with a scream, my body trembling beneath you. I would normally arch, buck, writhe in pleasure but you hold me down and this in combination with your hard thrusts, makes my orgasm unbelievably intense.

You keep fucking me fast and deep, hunting for your own climax now. When my pussy ripples and spasms around you, I can see how your jaw tenses as you grit your teeth. I squeeze your cock as hard as I can manage, looking into your eyes and you pull out and grab your cock as you cum with an agonised groan, spurting in powerful hot bursts across my belly and breasts, your big frame shuddering. When you´ve given me all you had, you keep kneeling in between my splayed legs and catch your breath. You can see in my eyes what I want and smirk as you scoop up some cum with your fingers and let me taste you, licking and cleaning off your fingers, before you unlock the cuffs and pull me into your arms. Xx