Drawing shallow breaths, trying to calm myself down, I can feel that I´m trembling with a mix of anticipation and fear. You´ve brought me here, to your personal playroom tonight, as your sub. Although I´ve had a taste of your world, my new world, before, I don´t know what awaits me here. As instructed, I´m wearing nothing but black lace panties , my black stiletto heels, and a red silk gown. My long dark mane is tied and braided. Black sturdy leather cuffs with suede inside lining are fixed to my wrists and ankles. You walk up to me, looking dangerously sexy in your black pants and a black tight tee that shows off your strong arms and powerful physique. Your feet are bare and you´re wearing a slow sexy smile, your gaze betraying the violent shades of your passion. You step in behind me and slide a beautifully studded leather and metal collar around my neck, fastening its buckle and connecting it to a short metal chain. It feels cool, tight and incredibly sexy.

You stand in front of me and slide the gown off my shoulders. As it pools on the floor, you suddenly pull me into you by the chain. My body collides with yours and you grab my hair, yanking my head back and sealing my lips for a hard, deep kiss. I know my safe word for tonight, and I know what is expected of me. “Down” is all you have to say for me to drop to my knees in front of you, waiting for you to undo your belt and zip. I reach into your pants and pull out your beautiful cock. You´re semi hard already as you fall into my palm, fully hardening quickly when I start caressing you. I lick you from root to tip, tracing the veins, circling the rim of your tip. You moan and look down at me. You taste so good. I tease your sensitive slit and your tip with my tongue and start sucking, lightly at first. Your cock head vanishes in my hot wet mouth, and I let you slide deeper and deeper with every time I take you in. You rasp “Look at me, pet” and you pull me closer by the chain, your cock slipping deep into my mouth as I look up into your eyes.

I can feel how wet I am. I just love sucking your cock. Seeing how much pleasure I can give you makes me so hot for it. I have to fight the urge to touch myself. But I know not to. I notice my sodden panties are sticking to my pussy lips as you hold my head in place and start fucking my mouth. I suck you as good as I can, faster and faster, harder and harder. I hear your groans, and a gush of precum spills onto my tongue. I swallow it, savouring your taste, hoping for more. You look down at me, panting, and tell me to keep sucking hard.” Fuck, yes, be a good girl now…Ahh..” I suck you with all I have, hard and fast and as you stroke your cock in and out of my mouth, I bare my teeth and slightly graze your skin. You groan loudly and your cock jerks in my mouth as you cum hard, flooding my tongue with spurts of hot creamy semen. I swallow as much as I can but a little spills out of the corners of my mouth.

When I´ve taken all you had, I lick you clean and you pull me up, hooking your fingers underneath my collar, making me stand. Then, still breathing hard, you lead me to one of the walls. A St Andrew´s Cross is mounted to that wall and you push me against it and lift my arms up, fixing my wrists to the top beams. You whisper into my ear “Feet apart, pet” and when I comply, you fix my ankles to the two base beams, also adjusting a spreader bar to the right length and connecting it to the cuffs round my ankles. When I am totally helpless and bound for you, panting with exitement and need, you take a good long look at me and run your hands up my thighs to my wet pussy, running your index thru my swollen cleft, grinning when you notice how soaking wet my panties are. Making me squirm and moan, torturing me with your thumb´s pressure on my clit. Then you grab the crotch of my panties with both hands and rip the delicate material. The shredded remains hang loosely around my waist. You grab my chin, lifting my head so I look into your eyes. Your gaze sears my soul. “Now…I´ll tell you what will happen pet. I´ll put nipple clamps and pussy clamps on you now and we´ll play for a bit. And then, I´ll take you across to the bed and fuck you real hard. What do you say?” I manage a whisper of “Yes please Sir..”, although I have no idea if I can stand those clamps. With a smirk, you walk across to a shelf and take a set of vicious looking pussy clamps into your hand. Walking back over to me, you inform me that you want me quiet. “If you cry out I may have to punish you pet. Have a made myself clear?” I nod “Yes Sir.”

You kneel in front of me and, with deft fingers, attach the clamps to my lips. God they´re tight. Oh fuck. I´m gritting my teeth, closing my eyes, trying to concentrate on something else. You reach over to the silver bucket containing some drinks, and take a couple of ice cubes out of there. Coming back up, you start running the ice over my body, concentrating on my breasts and nipples, circling and teasing them with the ice. I flinch because it´s so cold. “Good?” “Yes Sir” I moan and you bend down and take my ice cold, erect nipples into your scorching hot mouth, sucking hard. I hiss and pull on my cuffs, achieving nothing. You give me the ice and your mouth in turn for two or three times and then close the clamps around my swollen nipples, tightening them more and more. I squirm and a loud groan escapes me. I´m so desperate for your cock that I don´t know how to handle these feelings much longer.

You tell me to close my eyes and when I feel the sting of a thousand needles, I cry out, more in surprise than in pain. A pin wheel? Oh god. You run it across my breasts, even across my clamped nipples, down my belly and over my sex, making me tense up and jerk, causing the clamps to move and pull on my lips. I cry out loudly and you come up close, whispering into my ear, your hot breath on my skin “How does that feel pet? Can you feel the pull? Do you need cooling off? Yes…I think you do..” The palm of your hand slips in between my spread legs, tugging on the clamps. I gasp loudly. It´s painful and ice cold. The remains of the ice cube must be on your palm. I try to pull on my restraints, try to close my legs, but no chance. Of course not. I can´t back off either with the Cross directly in behind me. I´m at your mercy.

You start rubbing me, putting ice cold pressure on my clit, tampering with the clamps. I whimper “No..please..” but of course, all you do is smirk at me, clearly enjoying this as you push two fingers into my pussy, past the clamps. I close my eyes and start groaning. It hurts but it also feels so good. All I can think of, all I want is you, pushing your big thick cock into my pussy. I can almost feel it. I´m ready to beg for a fuck. Your fingers leave my entrance and concentrates on my clit, rubbing, circling teasing, again and again, then dipping into my pussy . Stroking my walls, then coming back to my swollen bud, circling. I can´t take it any more and cum violently, shaking all over, with a scream of relief. My legs are giving in, but the cuffs around my wrists hold me upright. When you take the nipple clamps off me, I moan loudly. It hurts like hell but feels so damn good at the same time. You grab my throat and chin with your left hand, pushing my head against the wall, forcing my mouth open. Growling “Suck..”, you make me lick and suck my juices off the fingers of your right hand.

After a deep kiss, you free me from the pussy clamps, too, making me gasp and grit my teeth. Then you undo the metal snap hook connecting my cuffs to the Cross, and carry me over to the big metal bed, helping me to kneel on it, facing away from you.  It´s covered with a black  leather mattress and the cold material against my naked skin makes me hiss. You press my upper back down until my forehead touches the bed and tell me to slide my hands in between my legs. As I comply, you grab my wrists and fix the cuffs to the bar. I´m totally open and exposed to you and I cannot move, cannot roll over, cannot even lift me head off the matress. I´m totally yours to do with as you please, and being that helpless turns me on beyond reason. You kneel in behind me, the strain in your voice betraying your hard and calm facade. “You want me to fuck you now, don´t you? Answer me pet.” ” Yes Sir.” “I will but you see…I´ll have to punish you first.” Oh no. Panic is flooding my body, lining my palms with cold sweat. “I told you to be quiet. Not to cry out. Were you quiet pet?” Oh shit. “N- no Sir. I wasn´t. I´m sorry.” “And did you have permission to cum then?” “No. Sir.”  I know that it´s futile to reason or argue, so I close my eyes when I feel the paddle on my behind. You bend over and whisper into my ear “Let´s get this over and done with. A quick 20 because I want to get to fuck you.” And you start applying the blows to my cheeks and the back of my thighs. I grit my teeth, inwardly counting, hissing and groaning with every hard slap.

Then you stop, and I can hear you pushing down your pants. You caress my hot red sore ass and then I can feel your warm smooth cock head on my flesh as you coat yourself in my arousal. You nudge against me and grab my hips, thrusting hard. I cry out loudly, trying to move away as you sink to the root in one fierce drive. You groan with pleasure and reach down, grabbing the chain attached to my collar, holding me still that way. Then you pull out to the tip, only to thrust hard and deep again. My thighs are trembling as your broad cock head strokes my walls. You keep yourself deep, rolling your hips, giving me every thick inch of you. Then you start fucking me, sliding forth and back at measured pace, teasing and stroking. My ass is sore and your balls slap my clit. I moan loudly. I´m not sure how much more of this I can handle when I feel your thumb, wet from your mouth, sliding into my ass. I try to move again, to fist the sheets,  to touch myself but I can´t do a thing but take it. You keep fucking me, lunging over and over, and I can feel another orgasm building inside me. The room is filled with the sounds of raw hard fucking.

Then you slow down and pull out. Breathing hard, you say ” I´ve got something for you pet” and I squirm as I feel cold metal on my ass. You grab some lube from the bedside and coat the plug and my hole with it. Then you push the plug inside me, steady and unhurriedly, but persistently. I groan loudly. Fuck it´s big, about the size of your cock. When it has finally slipped inside me, you push your cock back into my pussy. Deeply. I´m moaning loudly, pleading. You and the plug are stretching me so good. I hear your groans of pleasure and your praise of how tight I feel to you and how hard you´re going to cum. Your raw words and the sensations as you fuck me fast and hard, digging your knees in to give me all of you, are driving me insane with lust. Your hard thrusts push the plug in deeper, making my pussy clench down on you.

Grabbing my hip with one hand and reaching around me, you start rubbing my clit with the other. You groan “Come for me baby, now..” and I cum hard, my body shivering, my nails digging into my palms, toes curling as I´m screaming my release. Your hand leaves my hip and you pull out the plug, driving on my orgasm. My pussy tightens down on you, milking you. Growling “Fuck”, you thrust fast for a few times before you cum equally hard, filling me with your hot cum as you pull me into you, gasping for air yourself. Once you have given me everything you had, you slide forth and back slowly, rubbing out the last tremors of your orgasm. Then you pull out of me and unbuckle my restraints, freeing my wrists and ankles from the bar, and settle on the bed with me, pulling me into your embrace. “Well done little one. Such a good girl” you whisper into my ear, holding me tenderly and kissing me softly.

I´m too boneless, too shattered, too spent to speak but cuddle into your arms instead. We do not need words. Everything has been said without.

Dedicated to the one and only Mr @lookintohavefun



BynB-rUCIAAkqREI´m shivering. And that is not only because of the cold. Kneeling on the big heavy wooden dining table at your place. My ass resting on my heels, thighs apart, my hands tied on my back. Blindfolded. Naked. I have no idea what I´m in for, no idea what you have planned for me. I´m increasingly uncomfortable in my position but I do not dare move. You know exactly how to make me squirm with words alone, how to look at me, how to touch me to make me nervous, a little scared, and needy as hell. I can still hear your voice in my ears. So full of dominance and promise. Whispering delicious threats into my ear before leaving me here. The anticipation is almost killing me. I keep turning my head, trying to figure out where you are and what you may be doing. Then …

I hear the door and can literally sense how you stride towards me, fast and with intent. The next thing I know is my head being pulled back roughly by my ponytail, my upper back crashing into your chest. You grab my throat with your other hand, holding me still, growling by my ear “You will do exactly as I tell you, no discussion, no questions. You are here for my pleasure. Are we clear?” I manage a quiet “Yes Master” and you let go of my throat and run your hand over my body, teasing my nipples, tugging and twisting, making me want more. Then I can hear the tell tale sound of the metal chain and I grit my teeth, inhaling deeply as the clamp bites into my nipple. Hard. A few seconds later, you tighten the second clamp on my other nipple, making me gasp with the sudden pain. Fuck, you´ve made them tight. My nipples are painfully throbbing already and we haven´t even started playing. When you tug on the chain connecting the clamps, I cry out. You grab my hair again, restraining me, making it perfectly clear that you want me quiet. To stress your words, you lift the chain up high, causing the clamps to painfully twist. I bite back a loud gasp and dig my nails into my palms to process the pain. Funnily, my body betrays me then as it always does. I can feel how soaking wet I am. You will like this. Good. My wandering thoughts are interrupted by the pull on my hair, making me lose my balance. I fall backwards, bracing myself for the hard impact, unable to use my hands, but luckily your strong arms stop me from falling and position me on the table, my back arched because of my arms in behind it, tied, and my head hanging off the edge. Oh God I know where this is going.

I hear you unzip your pants and I obediently open my mouth to welcome your cock between my lips. Moaning at the scent and taste of your silky soft tip, I caress you with my tongue as you slide into my mouth, deeper and deeper with every push of your hips. You grab my hair with both hands and hold my head still as you push yourself further in, sliding into my throat, and pull back. I whimper with my hair being pulled, a muffled sound, muted by your cock. Fighting my gag reflex, trying to get air through my nose, I concentrate on pleasing you as good as I can. You fuck my mouth faster and harder now and I can hear your moans and feel your cock throbbing. Then you push yourself fully in until my nose touches your balls, and deep throat me, holding my head between your hands, stilling yourself. I can´t get air and I´m fighting the urge to buck and try to somehow free myself. After what feels like an eternity, you pull back and I can breathe. You rip off the blindfold. I´m uncomfortable, my arms hurt and I´ve got tears in my eyes that smudge my make-up. I lift my head and look at you, trying to clear my throat off all the saliva and precum. You look down at me and ask me if there was something I wanted to say. I know what the only thing you want to hear from me is, and I whisper “More please Master”. You grin and a second later my head is in between your hands again, and you start fucking my mouth once more for a few very deep thrusts.

Finally you pull out and walk around the corner of the table, until you´re by my side. You grab the chain and slowly pull it tight, making my back arch off the table even more, watching me grit my teeth until a loud pained groan escapes me. You raise a brow and grab a suede flogger from somewhere. I never even saw it and now you´re striking me across the belly with it. I gasp and writhe under the blows as your attention shifts to my thighs and then my pussy. It is painful, but not in a bad way. Once the first sting wears off, it´s a warm feeling. A very pleasant feeling. I gulp for air when you strike my mound, my lips, three, four, five times. Then, you put the flogger aside. “Shall we see if my little slut is wet for me now?” I´m nodding “Yes Master I am” and you run your fingers through my cleft, nudging my clit, making me squirm. “Good girl. I think you´re ready to be fucked.” And before I know it, you hook your strong arms underneath my armpits and pull me off the table to help me stand in front of it. You walk in behind me and urge me to the edge of it, pushing me down onto the surface. I´m flat on the table and painfully aware of the clamps but there is nothing I can do about it anyway.

You push my legs apart and press yourself onto me. I can feel your smooth cock head nudging me and I hear your pleasured moan. Then you grab my hips and thrust hard, burying yourself inside me. I cry out, my neck arching off the table. Fuck you´re hard as stone. Hot. Big. Too deep too soon. You run your hands over my back, gripping my tied wrists and my hip, and pull back, only to slam into me once more, making me gasp. Again. And again. You groan with pleasure and pick up the pace. You are rough and reckless and it´s perfect. You always know what I need. You pull me into your thrusts by my wrists, making sure I get every hot thick inch if you. My thighs are trembling as your cock head rubs my walls so perfectly, stretching, tugging, massaging. I can feel my wetness on my inner thighs and I moan loudly every time you hit my end, relishing your loud grunts and the sound of your balls slapping against me. After a while, you slow down and pull out. You put one hand on my back to keep me down and I can feel your cock head spreading my wetness onto my ass. Again and again. Oh God.

I´m panting, trying to turn my head and look at you in a silent plea. I hear you growl “Don´t move”, as you nudge against me, probing, prodding. I close my eyes and take a big gulp of air as you slowly but persistently push yourself into my ass. Oh fuck this is intense. I groan loudly, trying to relax, staying perfectly still as I feel you sliding deeper and deeper, spreading me open, stretching me to fit you. Then you start fucking me, slowly at first, but soon you thrust deep and fast, not holding back, gripping my hips and pounding me hard. I cry out, helpless and to do with as you please. My pussy clenches emptily, the clamps are making my nipples sing and your hard thrusts, massaging very different nerves in me, bring me to the edge. I know you´re getting close, too. I can tell by your breathing and the way you moan, ripping your pleasure from my body. I hear myself plead “please Master, please may I cum?” and thankfully you allow it, reaching round me and rubbing my clit. I cum immediately, moaning and shaking, then screaming as you reach beneath me and release the clamps. Oh fuck. Jesus. My ass is clenching your cock hard as my body convulses, making you growl “Fuck!” and you cum equally hard, emptying yourself deep into my ass, When our orgasms subside, you collapse on top of me, kissing my shoulder, whispering “My good girl…” before slowly pulling out and freeing my wrists. You help me stand and kiss me deeply, wrap me up in your arms and carry me out of there.

Dedicated to sexyasfuck Mr @Rakan__U