His Christmas Gift

Laying here, ready, bound, in sweet anticipation of Him. His presence, His voice, His touch. Heart pounding, skin so warm and soft, a sweet trickle of arousal already making me slick. My eyes do not leave Him as He walks up to me. slowly, deliberate. So predatory. Drinking in the shape of His naked body, I want to clench my thighs. He wants me open to him though.

My nipples harden under His touch. His hands start gliding over my whole body as He kneels in between my legs. His voice ordering me to keep eye contact as He gets rough. Tugging, twisting, kneading. Spanking. His one hand on my throat, holding me still as His other hand slaps my softest flesh. Hard. While my fingers try to grip Him, my back arches off the bed with every slap, every sting. Eyes still on His. He knows what, how much, why. Biting my lip as His fingers find my hot swollen sex. His face tells me He is happy with how wet I am for Him. So does His cock. Looking down, I lick my lips.

I hear His voice. “Beg me little one.” I start begging. I want, I need His cock. His silky hardness. His taste. Settling on my chest, restraining me, cupping my head with one hand, He feeds me His length. Savouring, tasting, worshipping, my wet soft warm tongue makes Him moan. His eyes on my mouth. Hot, hooded, full of need. His desire for my mouth makes me burn up for Him. Taking His pleasure from me as He slides in and out. Fisting my hair now as He awards me with a spurt of precum. My nails are digging into my palms, my empty sex throbbing for Him. My eyes are pleading. He knows I want Him buried inside me. Claiming, owning me. Pulling out, He smiles a wicked smile of pure sin…

Releasing my hair, He moves down my body, settling in between my spreads legs.The chains linking my thighs to my wrists to my collar hold me open for Him. Feeling His hot hard cock on my sex, I´m ready to beg. “Please Sir, please. Please fuck me. Take me.I need to feel you inside me.” Panting with desire, crazy with my need for Him. This is not merely physical. This is more. Only being fucked hard and owned by Him will calm my mind. He knows.

Giving me a little of Himself now. Spreading me open, so agonisingly slowly. Moaning, trying to move into Him. Looking into His eyes again as He fills me to the hilt. Relishing His pleasured groans as He feels my cunt squeeze Him. His body weight on me so heavily. His laboured breath on my skin as He pulls back to tease me then rams Himself into me. Writhing and gasping as He picks up the pace. Fucking me deep and hard. Claiming me. Owning me. Relentless as He rips His pleasure from my body.

Ordering me not to dare cum. I will not unless He allows it. Fighting against my orgasm but He knows what He does to me. He pulls back and holds me on the edge. Once, twice, again and again. Nails digging into my own flesh again, sweat misting my skin as I´m struggling to breathe. His voice rings in my ears “Beg me to cum slut..” and the words spill from my throat ” Please Sir, I´m your slut, your whore your fuck toy please let me cum I´ll do everything for it please I need to cum please…”

He smiles and kisses my lips as His hand glides to my nipple, pinching, twisting hard. Making me gasp into His mouth. “Ah…fuck…” as He feels my cunt gripping Him tightly. Fucking me fast, reckless, roughly now. His lust edged on His face, His features harsh, His breathing rugged. His cock swelling further deep inside me. Finally He orders me to cum and my body obeys before I can think. Cumming hard, crying out as I tremble beneath Him. He lunges deeply, emptying Himself into my core with a groan. Marking me with His scent, His cock, His cum.

Whispering “Merry Christmas my good girl…”

Dedicated  to Twitter´s  @DaddyInATie