She had waited for His return patiently, preparing the kitchen and ingredients just as thoroughly as herself. He craved pancakes and she always tried to please Him and satisfy all His cravings. So it was pancakes tonight and to please Him even more, she was dressed in flimsy lingerie and heels, an apron covering her lush breasts and front. When she heard the front door, she poured Him a shot of His favourite whiskey and when He came in, held the tumbler up and greeted Him with a soft kiss. “Kitten…” He breathed, surprised and smiling. “You just take a seat and I’ll fix some pancakes for you Daddy..” she smiled, knowing His gaze raked over her body, and that His appetite wasn’t going to be for pancakes only. She turned round and started preparing the batter, whisking and adding ingredients. He had finished His drink and watched her intently, aware of her body movements and the way her sweet ass wriggled as she worked. She made sure she turned Him on with every action, every glance, every dip of her finger into the bowl and every lick of the batter off her finger. When she opened the bottom doors of the counter and bent far over to look for an appropriate pan, He silently got up and moved in behind her, pressing Himself against her ass. She gasped and stilled, achingly aware of His hardness through His pants. When she came up with the pan, His one hand banded around her breasts, the other grabbing her throat, pulling her up tightly against Him. She shivered as He whispered against her skin “I’ll be right here with you kitten and don’t think I haven’t noticed you’re teasing me. So you better concentrate and make no mistake now, or I’ll have to take you over my knee before dinner..” With these words, He released His grip but stayed one step in behind her as she started making the pancakes. Kissing her neck. Running His hands over her body. Rubbing his hard cock against her. Sliding His hand in between her legs from in behind. Fondling her tits, tugging and twisting her nipples in that way she loved so much. Finally pushing her thong aside and sliding two fingers into her cunt, smirking at how soaking wet His little one was by now. She was breathing heavily and her hands were a little shaky, and inside, she was dying for Him to just grab and fuck her, but she managed to bake quite a few golden, tasty, perfect pancakes. With the last one in the pan, however, he turned her round, fisted her hair and kissed her deeply, hard, and long, pulling her up against Himself, fucking her mouth perfectly. Once He released her, the last pancake was way past golden. It was dark brown and burnt. He released her, smiled a devilish smile, and sat down. Patting His lap, He said “Oops. Someone fucked up there. Come here kitten..” She stared at Him in disbelief for just a second but then took off her apron and walked over to him, allowing Him to pull her down and over His lap. “Hands on your back baby girl” He ordered and took off His tie to bind her wrists. Once that was done, he pulled her thong over her ass down to her thighs and started stroking and kneading her cheeks, just before she felt His hand leaving her skin and returning with a sharp, hard smack a second later. The air left her lungs in a rush and He ordered her to count to 30. Smack, smack, sharp sting after the other landed on her ass and upper thighs and when she squirmed, He restrained her with His leg over hers, holding her down with a hand on her back. Her voice became more and more laboured with every time He spanked her, counting to 30, and tears welled in her eyes but she still loved that He had made up an excuse to spank her. He loved it but He knew that she loved it, too. When He was done, he released her and pulled her up, kissing her passionately. She knew He was heavily aroused and she was thinking of begging Him to take her now, but He brushed His thumb over her lips and said “I’m going to enjoy some of those pancakes now before they go stone cold. And you’re coming with me. I’ll feed you, too.” She thought he’d free her wrists but watched as he poured some syrup over the pancakes and took His plate in one hand, grabbing her hair with the other, pulling her along with him to the table. He set the plate on the table, sat down and kissed her again, setting His hands on her shoulders, pushing her down to her knees….

inspired by Twitter’s @Armstrongx1880 Xx