Smart Mouth

“Smart mouth?” Arching my brow playfully, I walk up to your desk, taking you in as I slip past you and slide onto the edge of your desk. Setting my heels either side of your thighs on your big comfy excecutive chair. My skirt hitches up in the process, revealing my stockings and garters. I notice your dark stare and your suppressed growl. “Like what you see ace?”  I smile at you and unbutton my blouse, slowly and seductively. I barely have time for a squeal before you launch at me from your chair, ripping my blouse open, sending its buttons flying in all directions. Your mouth seals over mine as you pull me into you, your hand squeezing my breast possessively, making me moan into your mouth. I can feel your hardness pressing against my flesh as we kiss.

I break the kiss and whisper in your ear “Shall I stay right here on your desk or would you like me to demonstrate my secreterial skills beneath it, baby?” You smirk and pull me off the desk. Taking the hint, I start sliding to my knees, pressing kisses to your jaw, neck, and down your shirt to your pants. Kneeling in front of you, I deftly open your belt and your slacks, pulling them down with your boxers, far enough to free you from your increasingly narrow confines. Smiling up at you, I take your already rock hard cock in my hand and kiss your tip softly, reverently. Watching you close your eyes and inhale sharply as I lick along your shaft, from sac to tip.

I start sucking it. Softly at first, harder when your hand leaves the edge of your desk and fists my hair at the back of my head. Directing me, showing me how much you want this. I start pumping you with one hand, caressing your balls with the other. Still looking up at you and squirming when I see your head fall back as I work your silky plush tip with my mouth against the firm steady movement of my hand. I hear your groans and muttered praise, and I intensify my efforts until you can’t take it any longer and grab my hair with both hands, thrusting, sliding deeply into my mouth, hunting your climax as you use my mouth for your pleasure.

I put my hands on my knees, letting you have me as you need me, letting you push into my throat, hearing your moans when I suck you hard whenever you pull back. I look up again and into your heavy-lidded eyes, wanting to see your expression when you come. Your body quivers with the strain of your pleasure and I know I have you hanging by a thread when I bare my teeth, scraping your soft skin, finally pushing you over the edge.

Groaning loudly, you come hard, spurting into my mouth as I drink you down, now milking you with my fist, taking all you’ve got. You’ve barely caught your breath when I finish licking you clean, and stand up. Pressing a kiss to the corner of your mouth, I whisper “A smart mouth is a good thing, right ace?”

Written in reply to a certain RP twt, as it CROSSed my mind. 😉



Pancakes Part 2

She was on her knees before she even knew about it, looking up at Him in sweet anticipation. He looked down at her and unbuckled His belt, pulling it from the loops. Smiling, He took it and put it around her neck, leaving it dangle down her front. Then He opened His slacks and freed His hard cock that had been straining against the fabric already. Taking a seat on one of the dining chairs, He retrieved the dangling end of the belt with one hand and tugged on it hard enough to pull her forward and in between His knees. “As I said, I´ll eat a few of these pancakes now, princess. And I´ll make sure to feed you, too.”, He mentioned nonchalantly, reaching for His fork, certain that He wouldn´t hear any objections. He knew His little one was eager to please Him, and loved everything He gave her.

As He took the first delicious mouthful of the meal, he pulled her up onto His crotch by the belt, whispering “Suck”. She obliged immediately, hungry for Him, and started licking His length, circling His soft crown with the tip of her tongue before she took Him into her mouth, moaning onto His cock as she bent down further to take Him deeper. He took another few bites of His meal, chewing, looking down at her, radiating the total self-control she always admired.

Then He finally put His fork down and grabbed her hair with one hand while pulling her onto His cock by the belt, choking her with it. Using her as His toy, making her take Him deeply until she coughed and gasped for air whenever He released her a little. “Show me you love to suck my big hard cock kitten”, He groaned as He pulled her onto Him again so her nose was flattened against His stomach. She pleased Him as well as she could, with her lips and tongue on Him, but without the use of her hands that were still bound in behind her back. He watched with hooded eyes as she squirmed, and tilted her neck to get at Him as good as she could, licking, nibbling, caressing, sucking him hard. He contemplated cumming in her talented mouth for a second but He wanted to feel her cumming around Him instead. Plus, His kitten had deserved to cum.

“Good girl.” He pulled her off his erection and to her feet as she smiled at Him, her make-up smudged, her lips swollen. Getting up from the chair and turning her to face the table, He pushed her upper body down onto the cool surface and bent to slide her panties off her. Then He kneed her legs apart, enjoying the beautiful view. Bending down, He pressed her onto the table to whisper in her ear “My little slut is soaking wet for me..” It was rather a statement than a question because He knew the answer anyway. She breathed “Yes Daddy.”

He straightened up, grabbed her hip with one hand and pulled her head back by her hair, thrusting. Hard. She yelped as He stretched her walls, pushing inside her ever so deeply. She had nowhere to go in His grip and He fucked her thoroughly. Perfectly. Soon, he could feel her cunt tightening down on Him as she moaned “Please Daddy may I cum?” His good girl never forgot to ask for permission. “Yes, kitten. Cum for me”, He groaned and she cried out, her body shaking, her walls rippling along His driving cock. He pounded into her one last time, cumming hard and long, deep inside her, collapsing on top of her.

They lay like this for a while, catching their breath and calming their heartbeats. Finally, He pulled her up, wrapping His arms around her, kissing her neck and whispering “I´ll have you make me some pancakes more often, I think.”

Last but not least, I managed to actually write this long promised 2nd part of the story then inspired by Twitter´s Xander  @Xanderx1880